D.H.T. spent an overwhelming number of labor hours each week manually entering fuel usage data into their vehicle maintenance system.  An automated system was needed to reduce costs and improve the accuracy of their tracking and data.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an affordable and intuitive system for use by non-technical users at D.H.T.  Fuel data is imported from a variety of sources, all of which are formatted differently.  D.H.T. staff needed to be able to import the data into the vehicle maintenance system with minimal disruptions during the day, using a systematic work process that would ensure that all of the data is imported accurately each day.


  • We met with D.H.T., Inc. to understand the need for process improvement.  We considered the client’s budget, and were able to construct an affordable solution.
  • Rapidly developed the application within the needed time frame.
  • Provided installation assistance as the program was being implemented, and also follow up support after the system was in operation.


The D.H.T., Inc. custom application was designed and implemented.   A few quick specs include:

  • Custom solution
  • Built within the necessary time frame
  • Finished within the budget
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Eliminate data entry errors


SAMSA used Microsoft Access to create a custom solution.  SAMSA made use of the Access Run-time module in order to allow D.H.T. to utilize the system without purchasing their own copy of MS Access.  The application has made the following changes in the company’s processes and savings:

  • Streamline work process.
  • Eliminates errors that were being caused by errant data entry.
  • Reduced administrative time by approximately .5 FTE, allowing D.H.T. to utilize administrative time more effectively, potentially saving thousands of dollars over the coming years.

About D.H.T., Inc.

Dave Hausbeck Trucking began in 1983.  The company started with 1 truck moving freight around the country.  Since that time, the company has grown to include over 100 employees with divisions for gravel transport, propane, butane, flat bed, van trailers, reefer trailers, and asphalt trailers.  D.H.T. now has a fully staffed shop with 3 shifts and 18 mechanics.

“My experience with SAMSA has been terrific.  The people are very helpful and respond quickly.  I like how they do not talk down to you and explain the program very well.  I liked that they did not hide anything as proprietary.  We will continue using SAMSA for our programming needs in the future as we continue to grow.”

Josh Zimmerman – General Manager, D.H.T., Inc.

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