When EZ Pro was first established in 1998 owner Candace Larkin had no idea of the phenomenal growth her company would experience over the coming decade. A staff of three grew to 35 couriers operating a fleet of vehicles and the potential of franchising.

Priority deliveries of medical life-saving organs and lab specimens, legal documents and other urgent necessities make up much of the business. EZ Pro also has scheduled pick up and deliveries of dry ice, courthouse filings, prescriptions and factory items.

All of this growth meant the existing paper based tracking system became impractical and took up an enormous amount of time and resources.

After an intense review of the organizational system and needs, EZ Pro hired SAMSA to design and develop an electronic replacement of the old manual system. SAMSA’s solution: A web-based system, featuring a central database that allows instant access by dispatchers, management, customers, and field delivery staff. SAMSA also created a mobile phone “app” that gathers signatures at pick-up and delivery points and allows for real-time tracking of deliveries. Delivery runs are now paperless and much more efficient.

Key Features

  • Administration System to manage customer, driver, and dispatcher information, including reporting capabilities based on time period, company and department.
  • Dispatcher System for management of scheduled and on demand deliveries
  • Customer Portal allowing authenticated users to search, view and print delivery records for their location
  • Mobile Application used by drivers. Using an internet connection to continuously sync with the central database, this application provides the drivers with a clear view of delivery status in real time. The system also provides a method for electronically capturing signatures and timestamps for pickups and deliveries.
  • Completed deliveries are instantly imported into the QuickBooks accounting system where invoices are automatically created, saving dozens of labor hours each week.
“Every delivery run is money; we now track every run and we’re guaranteed no runs are lost. Billing is done in half the time, it’s more efficient and accurate. Before this system we would have up to 500 delivery slips monthly, which had to be counted and billed by department. The portal access for our clients is huge. Clients would misplace items after delivery and call us to see who signed. It would take us hours to go through volumes of run slips to find a single signature. Today clients go to the portal and track deliveries in real time. This is such an asset to our business.Thank you, SAMSA! Matt, thank you and good job!

Candace Larken –
EZ Pro Delivery

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