Nexteer Automotive employs engineers around the world who work on multiple projects simultaneously. New international accounting standards needed to be implemented to properly capitalize engineering labor hours. In response to the demand for very quick design and implementation Nexteer assembled a team involving Engineering, Finance, and IT departments. IT called on SAMSA.

The Challenge

As a global company, Nexteer’s biggest challenge was streamlining the process for engineers to report their project time without impacting productivity. Existing applications were giants, offering too many bells and whistles, were costly, and would take too long to implement globally. A need had risen for a simpler solution, but one that would be available 24 X 7 X 365 and would withstand rigorous SAS-70 auditing standards. Most challenging, the new application needed to be designed and implemented within one fiscal quarter.


Nexteer Engineer Time Tracker (NETT) was designed as the custom application for Nexteer Automotive. A few quick specs are as follows:

  • Custom solution
  • Built within the quarter time frame
  • Finished within the budget
  • Automated operation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • SAMSA hosted application for worldwide use
  • SAS 70 and IFRS compliance


Nexteer Automotive has streamlined engineer time reporting with the rollout of Nexteer Engineering Time (NETT) application, which:

  • Easily identifies the projects associated with the engineer’s time.
  • Provides time tracking with minimal impact to productivity.
  • Automated processes provide hands-off statistical reporting.
  • Engineering labor costs can now be properly capitalized.

This application has strengthened the reporting and time constraints for deadlines associated with projects within Nexteer on a global basis.



About Nexteer Automotive

Nexteer Automotive is a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. Nexteer’s in-house development and integration of hardware, software, and electronics gives the company an unmatched competitive advantage as a full service steering supplier.

Nexteer draws upon a 100-year heritage of vehicle integration expertise and product workmanship. The company has a strong foundation and a reputation for providing dependable steering solutions and enduring customer relationships.

“I am amazed that SAMSA was able to take our basic information and expand on it enough to make a workable application meeting our deadline and budget constraints”
Bonnie Toyzan, Manager – Global IT Application Development & Support

How We Met the Budget and Time Constraints

  • We had multiple meetings prior to application design to determine the scope of the project. The project wasn’t fully defined, so our team was consulted and assisted in some design decisions.
  • Created a high level timeline for Nexteer with deliverable dates.
  • Created an internal detailed timeline for development. We used this to break up large tasks into smaller items. Each task is assigned to a developer with target hours and completion date.
  • Scheduled regular meetings throughout the course of development. With NETT, we met in person nearly every 2 weeks, and maintained direct contact with our client on a daily basis.

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