While a traditional backup scenario for your organization can be costly and unreliable, SAMSA offers a safe, efficient and affordable option.


Plan Capacity Monthly Cost
Standard Plan 50GB $50.00

Interested in a larger capacity? Contact us today to see how we can help.


Continuous Data Protection

SAMSA’s remote backup service takes advantage of continuous data protection (CDP) technology.  Continuous data protection begins with a complete backup of a given data file, followed by subsequent backup consisting only of the modified parts of the file following changes.  This means interim backup operations are significantly more efficient, as much less data is transferred, and are much simpler to restore than incremental backups that are often employed to make tape backups quicker. Restoring from incremental backups can be timely and unreliable.

Scheduled Data Backups

Remote backups are scheduled to run as often as needed and you’ll never have to worry about swapping tapes in the event that one fills up. The scheduled backups run completely unattended regardless of the amount of data being transferred.  Temporary internet downtime isn’t a cause for concern – remote backup software can be configured to continually attempt connecting to the backup server until a successful connection and backup is complete.

Easy Data Restoration

Restoring files is easy. A simple-to-use program at the client site is used for verifying backups and restoring files.  In the event of a disaster where everything is lost, simply install the remote backup software on the new computer in “Disaster Recovery” mode.  SAMSA will supply a new file encryption key that will be needed to decrypt the files you previously saved – then you’ll be able to restore the files from the backup server.

Off-Site Storage

One of the best benefits of remote backup is saved files are automatically stored off-site.  Fire, flood, theft – not a problem.  Your data is safely stored at SAMSA’s backup facility. You no longer need to worry about your tapes being stored in the hot trunk of your office manager’s car (if they’re even off-site at all!)


Before your data files ever leave your facility, they are encrypted with your private AES file encryption key and compressed for quicker transmission.  No one, including SAMSA, can access or view your data files without your file key.