E-Commerce Solutions

Custom Solutions

SAMSA is dedicated to implementing innovative and reliable solutions for your business. Regardless of size and needs, SAMSA has the expertise and talent to create user-friendly solutions that are secure and creative.

Open Source Integration & Support

SAMSA helps foster convenient and affordable open source integration for any size of company or business. Tailoring the specifics for your individual needs is one of SAMSA’s great strengths, as we are fully invested in making you successful!

Payment Gateway Integration

With online payment becoming the norm, SAMSA understands the importance of secure and simple credit card processing functions.¬†We’re able to provide convenient solutions for online payments that are easily accessible to all your clients and customers.

Payment gateway integrations allow payments to be sent directly to a secure financial institution or bank. While you maintain records of the actual payments, the sensitive data is stored securely by a trusted provider. Storing credit credit card numbers and other sensitive data is costly and, if not implemented correctly, often insecure. With a payment gateway integration, you can avoid the hassle.

Popular Payment Gateways


Authorize.net is a popular and trusted payment gateway that has handled billions of transactions since their introduction in 1996. In addition to credit card processing, Authorize.net also supports electronic check processing.


PayPal provides simple methods of sending and receiving payments. Adding the ability to checkout or pay using PayPal allows your ecommerce customers an alternative they know is secure and safe. In addition to credit card processing, PayPal also supports donations and recurring billing.